Slingshot Lacrosse provides dynamic lacrosse opportunities for athletes in North Los Angeles. Our mission is to find athletes and turn them into great lacrosse players.  To do this we've partnered with community leaders and great coaches to start a movement that values informed coaching, high capacity training, tournament exposure, and embodying buy-in. 

Statements we stand by:

  1. Lacrosse is serious! Beginner lacrosse players, experienced laxers, and our families take lacrosse serious.

  2. We don’t promise “elite” play. We promise “realistic” play. We develop our athletes, coach them appropriately, and place them in tournaments that provide ample opportunity for growth and exposure.

  3. We maximize time. Our Concise Practices focus on Group Skills Development, Dodging, Shooting, Defensive Positioning, Offensive Schemes, Defensive slide packages, Cohesive team play.

  4. Our focus is developing lacrosse players. We play in tournaments and enjoy competing in games but our focus is on each athlete, their commitment to team, teamwork, and their exposure to great lacrosse. Wins will come!

  5. Competitive environments are healthy. Competition is real in life, in business, and in the classroom. The lacrosse field is not any different. Our athletes contend for time on the field to get a chance to compete on the field.

  6. Adolescent development requires flexibility: We like our athletes to play other sports and be involved in extra-curricular activities. When they need to miss practice/competition because they are competing in another sport or have a family emergency, they have our approval. If presence becomes a problem, we’ll ask athletes to assess if they are over-extended.

  7. We are accessible: Playing lacrosse should not gut your bank account.

  8. We compete. When we step on the field, we play to win.


Los Angeles, CA, USA