Dear Slingshot Lacrosse Community,

I am very excited to announce Slingshot Lacrosse’s partnership with Mad Dog Lacrosse (Mad Dog LA). This is a partnership that I have been hoping to see come to fruition for some time.  Our kids are ready to take their play to the next level. Partnering with Mad Dog is the fastest way to really challenge our kids and broaden their lacrosse experience, while providing the same family friendly community that Slingshot is known for. 

At Slingshot we believe Lacrosse is a sport for athletes. Youth from every type of sporting background can excel in lacrosse. It is my personal mission to grow the lacrosse community and provide new athletic opportunities for families in the north Los Angeles area.   Any kid can play, and we specialize in taking a kid who has the passion but not the skills and turning him into a lacrosse player. We do this while avoiding the all-consuming race that high level athletics can be for a family.  One way we grow our community is partnering with community leaders and great coaches that are dedicated to growing whole and healthy student athletes—Mad Dog LA is equally committed to this vision.


At Slingshot we coach and train our athletes with the anticipation that they will become elite players.   Some of our youth come to us fully formed and we welcome their experience.  There are many programs in SoCal that focus solely on “elite” players. What makes us different is our focus is on the 80% that are not elite yet but will be.  We do not believe in vanity athletic programming.  Not every player is elite, yet. We believe that honesty is the best way to grow our players thoughtfully and with a strategy designed for them.  We don’t promise elite play, we promise that our training is designed for longevity- a commitment to steadily growing athletes and lacrosse players into the best player they can be.


Why we partnered with Mad Dog LA


1) We want our truly elite players, to play elite. We want those on the verge of being elite, to practice with the elite. If your child is not quite at elite level (but he will be) our program makes room to continue focusing on fundamental skill development with Slingshot Lacrosse. There will be no pointing fingers—our desire is to see every single one of our players grow. Every season! Slingshot will continue to provide opportunities for athletes to develop strong on the field leadership. Those skills will translate into more opportunities with the Mad Dog travel team. 

2) Mad Dog has a powerful national presence and network that they are extending to Slingshot Lacrosse.

3) Three Elite Tiers—Mad Dog offers Local Elite (Mad Dog LA), West Coast Elite (Mad Dog West), and National Elite (Mad Dog Select). Our current best players will be pushed to try out for the Mad Dog teams.  Our future elite players will have opportunities to be exposed to the Mad Dog Coaches and playing style and be ready to transition easily to the elite programs when ready.


4) Training Facility: NJ


College Coaches, Camps, Clinics, and highly structured on the field curriculum to foster excellent athletic growth.  A coaching staff aligned to player goals for personal athletic growth.


5) New! Our Player Development Program—Coach Jared Little (Owner, Slingshot Lacrosse) and Coach Steve Lane (Director, Mad Dog LA) are merging to create a player development program that focuses on specialized player development that is aligned to long term athletic goals like Division 1 play and travel ball teams as well as introducing new athletes to quality lacrosse.

6) Extended spring Lacrosse Opportunities: In line with #4 above—Mad Dog LA only offers limited training opportunities in the Spring for lacrosse. Slingshot Lacrosse will fill this gap and continue to provide Spring team ball opportunities for athletes entry level – to—elite level across North Los Angeles.  

7) Family Life: After witnessing some of our amazing Slingshot families travel up to 6-9 weeks this summer going to tournaments and paying multiple club fees (Slingshot & Other Elite Club Programming), we decided we wanted to ease the financial and travel stress on our families. Slingshot Lacrosse and Mad Dog LA are working to develop a synergistic tournament schedule. If we cannot attend the same tournaments we will attempt to play in tournaments held on/or around the same weekend. At tournaments, both Mad Dog LA teams and Slingshot teams will be placed in appropriate levels for success. Further, Slingshot will provide Mad Dog Elite ‘alternates’ a home and all players attending a tournament will play with Slingshot if/when they are not called up to roster a Mad Dog LA team. We are trying to work smarter not harder—and that’s why we joined Mad Dog.


It is my sincere belief that this is the best path forward for Slingshot Lacrosse, our athletes, and our families.  I believe in the program we have developed for your children. I believe in the coaches Mad Dog and Slingshot have as a part of our now affiliated programs. I believe fully in the vision of what this partnership means for our athletes, our program and our families. I hope you will continue take this journey with us and I look forward to working with you.


Thank You,

Jared Little


Los Angeles, CA, USA