Dear Slingshot Lacrosse Community,


I couldn’t be more thrilled to be joining forces with Slingshot to work on growing the girls side of the game in the North Los Angeles area! I come from a pretty extensive lacrosse background both as a coach and as a player.


As I’m sure many of you may have experienced by now, there’s a certain level of passion and love for this game that is truly unique. It’s my mission to grow the game and also help to maintain the integrity of the sport. I want to help young girls get as much from lacrosse as I have.


My goal with Slingshot is to offer dedicated and consistent coaching to young female athletes in our community who want to take their game to the next level and do it right. Lacrosse is a sport with a LOT of inconsistencies because it has grown so fast (and still is!) and it can sometimes be difficult to navigate. My focus as a coach is how to use the mastery of proper fundamentals to excel and facilitate a growth mindset.


I’m NOT looking to put together a travel club team that is simply looking to highlight the best players. It’s also not a community rec program that’s just looking to get a stick into anyone’s hands and go. (both of these types of programs are totally valid just not what I’m looking to do!!) These are consistent with the values of Slingshot Lacrosse as a company and club.


My vision for this summer, is to provide dedicated and consistent coaching to players looking to really develop and grow their game the right way and become impact players in our area. My long-term goal is to run the girls side as a development program that helps to build a solid foundation for quality lacrosse in our immediate community. Summer is also my opportunity to really put in time with those athletes at the Middle School level since most of my time during Spring/Fall is taken up by the High School players.


Since this will be our inaugural summer program, we’re looking to begin pre-registration ASAP to get an idea of interest, age groups, experience level, and numbers. Be on the lookout for registration information in the next week in half. 

Quick Summer Info:


  • Entering 5th-9th


  • 7-9pm, Tuesdays + Thursdays (@St. Francis High School, La Canada)


  • Battle of LA (6/9/10)

  • Malibu Shootout (7/14/18)

  • Tribz Lax Tourney (7/28/18)


Emily Mukai

Girls Director

Slingshot Lacrosse, LLC.


Los Angeles, CA, USA